Condom crooks steal $40K worth of sex toys and condoms from Vegas warehouse

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LAS VEGAS– Talk about a sex crime.

Surveillance video caught quite a heist in Las Vegas when two guys decided to break down a door at a warehouse and walk away with boxes full of condoms.

“He grabbed a few more boxes and left the building for good, or at least that’s what I thought,” warehouse distribution employee Davor Soldo said while watching the surveillance footage.

These guys must really care about safe sex because the next day they busted in again for more boxes.

“One of them came back to help themselves for the second time,” Soldo said. “Boxes basically carry a large number of single condoms in it.”

These condom crooks didn’t just get away with a few of ’em, they lifted tons and hundreds of sex toys.

“Altogether, I would say maybe a retail value of about $40,000,” Soldo said.

And these aren’t just any condoms. Soldo said they are top of the line.

Officials said the demand is so high for these high-quality condoms, they will probably be sold online and scooped up in a hurry!

“I don’t know how many they can sell, but I sure hope they can use some,” Soldo said.

Maybe the condom cops will catch these crooks before they get a chance to use them.



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