Cruft’s Dog Show marred by murder mystery

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BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - Cruft's, in England, is known as the world's largest dog show. A Scottish Terrier named 'Knopa' was awarded the prestigious 'Best in Show' title on Sunday, with a PETA protester doing his best to steal the spotlight.

Nobody's talking about that today, however. Instead of celebrating, dog owners are in mourning and in shock, after an Irish Setter named 'Jagger' died from poisoning.

Jagger placed second in his class but fell ill the next day at his home in Belgium. Owner-breeder Dee Millington-Bott says Jagger was struggling to breathe, so she called the vet.

Unfortunately, Jagger passed away before the vet arrived. The vet thought it was suspicious, so a necropsy was done. What they found, is absolutely heartbreaking: cubes of beef in his stomach that had at least two types of poison inside. The vet says the pieces of beef had been stitched together so the poison didn't come out, and he had enough poison inside him to kill a horse.

Who could do such a thing?

Jagger's owner is at a loss to explain why he was targeted, but says she does not believe it was another competitor or anyone involved in the dog world. Police are taking a look at surveillance video for clues, but Jagger's owner is doubtful they will ever find the culprit.

A sad dog tale, for any animal lover.




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