Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott gets blindsided…OFF the field

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FRISCO, Texas – We know Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is good at his sport. He’s also a pretty good sport!

Prescott took a break from football to help kick off the holidays for the winner of the Albertson’s – Tom Thumb Free Grocery Giveaway.  After all, the only sacks he enjoys are filled with food!  The lucky receiver also gets an autographed jersey and football – – – a hand-off from #4 himself.

“I know what it’s like coming from humble beginnings. I never want to forget that so I know my little bit of time goes a long way to bring smiles to that face.”

But when the Cowboy’s quarterback knocked on the winner’s door with his freebies, of all things, the winning customer had on a Green Bay Packers t-shirt!

Despite being a little blindsided, Prescott never fumbled.  “Did you see her shirt? That’s real. This is a genuine surprise when you see that shirt.”

He could have just dropped the goodies at the door. Instead, Prescott displayed the same composure off the field that he`s known for in the pocket.  After posing for photos with the winner wearing her Packers tee, Prescott couldn`t help but call an audible on his way out.  “Go Cowboys. Boo Green Bay.”

Prescott says, “I use my platform and use my opportunity to give back and to put a smile on somebody’s face. Even if they’re a Packers fan!”

The customer got the free groceries, but for being such a good sport, Dak Presccott gets the win!

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