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SHANGHAI, China – A 22-year-old man who has been constipated since birth finally gets relief after doctors removed 29 pounds of feces from his colon.

Surgeons of Tenth People’s Hospital removed 30 inches of enlarged bowel from the man. Years of build up was caused by Hirschsprung’s disease, a disease that causes feces to sit around in the digestive tract because the nerve cells that signal bowel movements are missing.

The painful backup made the man look 9 months pregnant, according to doctors. Taking laxatives over the years only gave him minor relief.

It took three hours to remove the man’s gut, empty out the feces and stitch up both ends to prevent more from falling out.

An uncommon diagnosis in adults, Hirschsprung’s disease affects one in every 5,000 babies. It’s more common for males to be affected by the condition than females.