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MEARS, MI – Hey ladies, quick question. How big are your boobs? A cup? B cup? Double D?

Well, we got some real big news from Michigan. Try a 44L on for size, and try attaching them to a man!

Part of the itty-bitty committee, he is not. The well-endowed dude, Dale Hawkey, claims he’s bustin’ at the bra seams and growing bigger everyday.

Back in ’99, a truck hit Hawkey and doctors placed a piece of plastic into Hawkey’s spine. Plastic, which his caregiver, Nancy DeRose, says, is shifting.

Hawkeys mammograms are all negative, and endocrinologists believe fatty tissue is to blame. But Hawkey says his chest is all muscle.

It’s a medical mystery no one but this couple has uncovered, and one Hawkey hopes he can get off his chest very soon.