Dumbass of the Day: Ohio crook knocks himself out cold in liquor store smash-and-grab

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AKRON, Ohio — When a couple of crooks decided to break into the Leprechaun Liquor store in Ohio, they may have forgotten a few things.

For one thing, their entire caper was caught on camera. And one crook learned the hard way what happens when you try to smash and grab too much: you knock yourself out!

And that’s literally what this guy did— he knocked himself out on the way out!

Yeah, looks like this guy forgot to pack his ‘Lucky Charms’ for this heist.

Thing is it’s the owner of Leprechaun Liquor Ralph Jaikaissoon  who’s feeling down on his luck since he keeps getting robbed.

“It’s two weeks in a row, two Sundays, back to back,” he said.

Jaikaissoon even installed poles in front of the store after someone drove through the front door on a break-in.

“I never had a beef with anybody,” Jaikaissoon said. “What did I do wrong? Where did I go wrong?”

Well, maybe the store could use a little more luck, but nobody knows that better than the crook who knocked himself out.

Heck, he’s lucky his buddy came back and dragged him out of there.

And now the cops are still looking for the pair.

Congratulations, Dude! You just became our lucky Dumbass of the Day!

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