Extremely dangerous parenting failures in Missouri and California

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WARRENSBURG, Missouri - Whoever said there's no wrong way to parent is, flat-out wrong!

Take for example the story of one Missouri mom and her boyfriend.

As we know, kids get sent to their rooms all the time but they're not supposed to be padlocked inside.

A Neighbor said her children realized alerted her to the horrors going on across the street.

Emily Whitehead's kids kept saying, "Mom they are really locked in there."

When Whitehead went to investigate, sure enough, she saw a girl waving her arms behind a second story window. Whitehead managed to read her lips before calling 911.  "I could tell she said, locked in my room."

"A deputy showed up and he seen it with his own eyes that they were in there by themselves," husband Brett Whitehead said.

According to court records, a visibly upset 10-year-old came downstairs to let the officer in. She said she forced open a lock on her bedroom door, but could not free her 8-year-old sister.

"Fire personnel had to remove the lock from the door in order to free the other juvenile child," said Jo Leigh Fischer, Johnson County Chief Assistant Prosecutor.

Their mom, Brandi Edmiston, told investigators that's how she punished them. Even worse, she also said her boyfriend, Robert Brown, threatened to kill the children.

Both the mom and boyfriend are behind bars and the kids are in protective custody.

From overly strict in Missouri, to dangerously permissive in California.

Police in Berkeley arrested 36-year-old Sayyadina Thomas for feeding methamphetamine to a 2-year-old.

"She was probably on something okay," said an acquaintance.

No doubt, man!  It happened in a public park well-known for being inhabited by the homeless.

"Scary stuff happens at the park which is concerning for people who live around here," said Mariana Banagas.

The 2-year-old was with his nanny, but where was the nanny when a total stranger fed the boy meth?


The woman is now in jail facing attempted homicide charges.


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