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BAYTOWN, Texas – Steel workers at one pipe factory in Baytown are sending a message to President Donald Trump.

Workers at Borusan Mannesmann are writing postcards to ask influential members of government, including Trump, for a ‘deal’ regarding tariffs on steal and aluminum from other countries.

“The deal is we want a short term exemption on this 25% taxes on pipe we’re importing from Turkey, and in return we’ll use that two years to build another factory here and employ another 170 people and at the end of that two years, we won’t import anymore,” explained CEO Joel Johnson.

It’s a bold move – but added jobs, and a commitment to stop importing pipes from Turkey – could it work?

“There’s 12,000 requests so far for exemption and only four companies have said they’re going to invest anything back in the U.S. we’re one of those four. When I got those statistics, that puts me in a pretty optimistic outlook of this we just need to get somebody to hear our voice,” said Johnson.