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HOUSTON— Come rain, hail, sleet, snow or hurricane, one thing is for sure, the Waffle House is open!

It might just arguably be the most important resource FEMA uses to determine just how bad a storm really is.

And for Hurricane Florence, The Waffle House Storm Center has been activated. The 24-hour breakfast chain never closes, like ever. It’s known for staying open during natural disasters, usually becoming the hangout spot for first responders.

FEMA calls it the Waffle House index.

Green means good to go. Restaurant is open with full power and full menu.

Yellow says we’re here with possible power loss and the waffle maker might be out of service.

And red means run for your lives! The restaurant is closed! You might want to hunker down and find shelter in place. A storm’s a comin’.

So, the next time you want a little waffle with your weather report, go to Waffle House. They’re always open…till they’re not.