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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Did Hollywood actor Tom Sizemore sexually assault an 11-year-old girl on a Utah movie set?

“And I said, ‘That man touched me,'” former child actress Kiersten Pyke recalled.

That’s what the 26-year-old former actress claims, and now she’s suing the star for $3 million in the spirit of the #MeToo movement.

Pyke says Sizemore groped her under her nightgown on the movie set of ‘Born Killers’ back in 2003, where Pyke played Sizemore’s daughter in the film.

“And that’s one thing that I like remember over and over, that his hand did move with my body,” Pyke said.

Sizemore denies the allegations, but Pyke’s parents did report the incident to police when it occurred– though no charges were ever filed.

Now Pyke says she suffers from PTSD and deep psychological, mental and emotional issues as a result of the incident.

Sizemore’s ex-girlfriend from those days, infamous Hollywood madame Heidi Fleiss, said, “I think Tom is definitely just so vulgar and disgusting with women, but it has a lot to do with drug abuse.”

“Kiersten, in the last analysis, thought like this needed to be filed to make a point for justice and injustice,” Pyke’s attorney, Robert Sykes, said.

Sounds like the ‘Saving Private Ryan’ star may have dug a deep hole for himself…..and it’s no fox hole!