Former CIA employee charged in massive leak of classified info to Wikileaks

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Talk about a rogue spy!

The Department of Justice has charged an ex-CIA employee, 29-year-old Joshua Adam Schulte, with leaking classified information.

But not just any classified info! The New York Times and others report Schulte leaked the infamous 'Vault 7' hacking tools to Wikileaks, violating the Espionage Act. The massive leak is considered among the largest leaks of classified information in CIA history.

When Wikileaks posted thousands of pages of CIA documents with secret cyber tools in March 2017, investigators say this is the guy Wikileaks got the goods from.

A grand jury has indicted Schulte on several charges related to gathering and transmitting info on U.S. intelligence gathering capabilities.

If that weren't bad enough, the former University of Texas grad has also been charged for possession of child porn.

Apparently, it was while investigating Schulte for transmitting the classified data that the feds also discovered the child pornography.

The Federal agents reportedly found more than 10,000 files, images and videos of child porn.

Although the accused hacker reportedly had a ton of encryption to protect the porn images, he had all the passwords to them on his cell phone, which investigators quickly discovered.

Now it looks like Schulte could have a long, long time behind bars to think about those spilled secrets.

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