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MEDINA, Wash. – What’s it like to be the richest person on the planet?

Amazon CEO and former Houstonian,  Jeff Bezos, didn’t exactly go from rags to riches, but he did go from River Oaks Elementary to becoming the richest man in the world! …..At least for a moment.

Bezos passed billionaire Bill Gates for that distinguished title thanks to a $1.5-billion surge in Amazon stock on Thursday morning which gave Bezos a net worth of $90 Billion dollars! However,  the billionaire’s fortunes didn’t last long.

A few hours later, Amazon’s stock settled a little lower and according to Forbes and Bloomberg, Bezos fell back to the Number Two slot.

Back in the day, Bezos studied right here at River Oaks Elementary in Houston, but it wasn’t until he got to the Emerald City of Seattle and started a ‘bookstore for the world wide web’ called Amazon out of his garage that Bezos made a bee-line for the big time!

Forbes claims Gates has given away much of his fortune, otherwise, no one could get close to overtaking him for the ‘richest man’ title.

Since Bezos spent his developmental years in ‘Space City,’ maybe that drove him to start Blue Origin, his state-of-the-art aerospace company with it’s sights on outer space. So, Bezos may just overtake Gates for good…..any day now!