Former teen heartthrob David Cassidy suffering from dementia

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LOS ANGELES — Long before there was Adam Levine, Drake and even Justin Bieber, there was David Cassidy. He’s now 60 years old.

The actor, singer and former teen idol now reveals he suffers from dementia. For women of a certain age, this is heartbreaking.

Cassidy has struggled with addiction over the years and his medical revelation comes just days after a concert in Los Angeles where fans thought he was either drunk, or under the influence of something.  He forgot lyrics to songs he’s been singing for 50 years. He bumped into his microphone more than once. Clearly, he was struggling.

He was definitely not the same guy who rose to fame during the ’70s wearing velvet pantsuits and touring the country in an iconic school bus on the TV show “The Partridge Family.”

Cassidy tells People magazine dementia runs in his family. He says his touring days are over. Now he’s going to focus on himself. He told the L.A. crowd, this was his final concert.

Cassidy loves the fans.  Just like his first solo mega-hit, cherish is the word that describes his feelings.



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