Galveston prepares for tropical storm Cindy, but are Houstonians taking Cindy seriously?

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GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas - While all eyes are on the Gulf as Tropical Storm Cindy makes a beeline for the Texas-Louisiana border, some residents on Bolivar Peninsula and surrounding counties are left worrying if they should evacuate.

Since the National Weather Service is predicting up to six inches of rain and possibly five-foot tides combined with high winds, Galveston County issued a voluntary evacuation.

Several residents, like Joanie Vyoral, are taking it seriously.

"I have a small car and we're taking it home. We've got stuff tied down and we're preparing for it. We're gonna be okay."

Forecasters expect Cindy to make landfall somewhere near Sabine pass tonight. Despite the probability of flooding, there are some folks refusing to leave.

"If we're to stay, hunkered down as they say, for a few days, we've got what we need," said Port Bolivar resident, Stefanie Tackett.

Galveston County officials warn, riding out the storm could mean losing power for who knows how long and some may find themselves isolated and cut off from emergency services.

Further inland, officials looking out for Harris county are also on high alert.

"The rain in our area will probably come between midnight and dawn and that presents certain worries," said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. "The Texas Department of Transportation, and the county and the city and METRO have all taken precautions for the underpasses that we know flood."

Data pix.
Data pix.

Tropical storms are prolific rainmakers. So, just because Cindy's not a hurricane doesn't mean she won't pack a powerful punch.

With nearly 1 million transplants new to Houston since Hurricane Ike in 2008, it makes you wonder if people in the Bayou City are actually taking Cindy seriously?

'More than likely - nothing's really gonna happen...maybe a little rain, that's about it.'

"No I'm not really that worried about the storm. I'm used to being safe during storms. I know how to prepare and what I need to, I'm not scared of Cindy.

But those in areas like Meyerland, where flooding is common are ready.

"I bought sandbags to put in the low spots on my sidewalk. My sidewalk right in front always gets water, and I woke up one day, oh several floods ago and it had come a little bit through my front and so I'm just being precautious."

Houstonians must remember that even if there's no reason to worry you still need to be ready.

Houstonians should also have a pet plan. Be sure to secure them with you, do not leave them outside!

.....But for now all we can do is wait it out.


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