Get moving at work with the chair mouse

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EINDHOVEN, Netherlands – Spending day after day for hours on end in a cramped cubicle can make the sanest person go crazy.  Also, sitting all day can cause all kinds of health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

Movement, not only allows us to express ourselves, but it also makes us happy! Problem is, most of us need to stay seated so we can work on our computers.

That’s what got Dutch inventor Govert Flint thinking. He wanted to make work more enjoyable through movement, and he came up with the Dynamic Desk Chair.

The “Mouse Chair” may look kind of silly, but it literally gets the job done! It is programmed to translate the sitter’s motions into actions on a computer screen.

Now you can click and drag with your whole body! The Dynamic Desk Chair is just a prototype, and still needs further developing before you’ll see it in an office near you.

Inventor Govert Flint hopes it will produce happier, healthier workers.


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