Glitch – 3-D printed braces, musical tattoos, touch screen spray paint!

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HOUSTON- Here's a bit of good news.

You no longer have to worry about pricey braces emptying your bank account, because 3-D printers may be able to help straighten that smile.

College student Amos Dudley used a 3-D printer to make his own braces for a whopping $60.00.

The D-I-Y dentist straightened his teeth in just 16 weeks.

If having 3-D braces is not your thing, how about having something stuck on your skin.

Tattoo artist Nate Siggard has come up with an app that will create tattoo designs from audio clips.

Skin Motion is a technique that allows you to capture up to a minute of audio which you can get tattooed and then playback using the app.

Users can add any sound to their skin.

You can add part of your favorite song or even a loved one’s voice.


Siggard isn't the only genius experimenting with new technology. Scientists at Carrnegie Mellon University, have figured out how to turn virtually any object into a touch screen using conductive spray paint.

The new technology called Electrick works just like the touchscreens you're used to.

All you do is coat an object with spray paint, allow the surface to conduct a small amount of electricity and voila, a touch screen.

This tech is still very new, but it looks like we'll be saying bye-bye to buttons soon.

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