Got a case of beer gut? Scientists might’ve just created a brew to help that!

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SINGAPORE — Drinking beer may be fun and all, but once the buzz wears off the six-pack you guzzled goes straight to the gut!

But have no fear of the beer, scientists in Singapore say they’ve found the key to blast away that beer belly!

It’s brew infused with probiotics which are considered good bacteria. Researchers claim they’ll naturally burn belly fat as you drink.

Making this special brew reportedly wasn’t easy.

Since beer contains hop acids which actually prevents probiotic growth and survival, they had to add a lactic acid bacterium which acts as neutralizer.

According to the Indian Express, the final product contains 3.5 percent alcohol and takes at least a month to brew.

So, while we wait for this kinda ale to hop in our stores maybe we all need to lay off the beer a bit!

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