Guide dog reject becomes professional artist

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LONG ISLAND, NY - In the grand tradition of great artists, there's Monet, Picasso, Dali, and now "Dagger?"

Yep, high art has gone to the dogs. Literally!

"Paint! Yes, good!!" Dagger's owner, Yvonne Dagger, demanded.

His name is Dagger II, but in certain artistic circles he's known simply as "Dog Vinci."

The three-year-old Labrador Retriever could take the art world by storm even if he is an "accidental artist."

"One day he was nudging me, and I said, 'Do you want to paint, Dagger?' and his tail started to wag," the dog's owner shared.

He only uses non-toxic acrylic paint, and as you can see this Artiste isn't messing around.

"Are you ready to paint? Yeah!"

Dagger was going to be a guide dog for people with disabilities, but his fear of going up and down steps painted a different career path.

"When I tell you, he was so excited to see the brush-stroke on that canvas it was almost as if his world had opened up!" Dagger's adopted mom shared.

This painting pooch has fans all over. In fact, a couple in Seattle recently commissioned his work for a 16 X 20 painting.

Since his adopted mom is a real artist she says Dagger inspires her. "I'm jealous in a way." she said. "I want to paint like Dagger because he doesn't know anything else. He just knows what he knows, and that brush-stroke is just gonna land where it lands."

Who knows? Dagger may inspire a whole new generation!





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