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HOUSTON– Everything’s big in Texas, including controversy.

“There is hatred that is behind this movement.” LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) Co-Chair, Isidro Garza said.

The controversy is surrounding the SB4 bill that legislation Governor Greg Abbott signed to ban sanctuary cities.

The Greater Houston Coalition for Justice said, make no mistake about it, this law is unconstitutional and an egregious assault on civil rights.

“It appears they wanted to send a message to Hispanics and we received that message. It is a message of intolerance, mistrust, xenophobia, marginalization and suspicion,” said Houston LULAC representative Augustin Pinedo.

It allows police to ask anyone they stop if they’re in this country illegally and it requires law enforcement to hand over detained immigrants to the feds. It also threatens officials with jail time if they refuse.

Among the critics are police chiefs throughout Texas and the Texas Association for Business.

Some opposed to the legislation are simply saying, “See you in court!”

“Even now, LULAC and MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) are looking to file lawsuits to challenge this racist piece of legislation,” said Pinedo.

The attorney general must have predicted backlash.

Ken Paxton filed his own suit in U.S. District Court which would insure any lawsuits filed throughout Texas would have to be settled in a single court. That would avoid multiple lawsuits in various forums.

That’s what you call a preemptive strike.