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ICELAND – The flag holder from the summer Olympics in Rio is back.

That’s right ladies and gents, the Tae Kwon Do athlete was known as “Hot Shirtless Guy from Tonga” will be competing in the winter games.His real name is

From age 12, Pita Taufatofua dreamed of becoming an Olympian and after training for 20 years, he did it. The hunky heartthrob has qualified to compete in the cross-country skiing at next month’s winter games in South Korea.

“After Rio I decided to find the hardest sport possible because I needed a new challenge,” said Taufatofua.

Taufatofua has never competed in cross-country, and a year ago, he’d never even put on skis!

Training had its ups and downs.  At first, way more downs, than ups!  But, Taufatofua. was determined to be a dual Olympian and compete in both the summer and winter games.  He’ll be the 129th athlete to do it, but only the second winter Olympian from Tonga.

“I’ve got two mottos in life. One is always show up. One is never give up,” Taufatofua said. “This is only special if it inspires someone else to become something bigger than themselves.”

With Pyeonchang temps expected to be in the 20’s, Taufatofua will most likely wear a jacket for these opening ceremonies.   Meanwhile, American athletes will do one better to combat the cold.  Team USA’s patriotic parkas come with hidden heaters.

That seems like a pretty handy perk to have up your sleeve.

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