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HOUSTON—The Texas Health and Environment Alliance has been fighting for years for the cleanup of the San Jacinto River with Executive Director Jackie Young leading the charge.

“We are a community led effort working to see that the San Jacinto River waste pits are fully removed,” said Young.

The companies involved, Waste Management of Texas Inc., Waste Management Inc., and McGinnes Industrial Maintenance Corporation, have been fighting the organizations removal cleanup plan.

Court documents have revealed that waste management secretly bankrolled local groups who opposed the complete removal of the San Jacinto River waste pits.

“The company’s involvements in these group efforts is a major problem when the leaders of these groups like ‘Keepitcapped’ were previously asked if they were involved with the waste pits responsible parties they denied involvement. I’m glad this was admitted in the courts, and now that owe it to the public and the EPA full disclosure of their involvement,” said Young.

More than 600 community residents have alleged that the waste pits were harmful to their health and their property.

Young says it’s time for the truth to come out. “Some of the information that’s put out there is not in line with what the EPA is actually going to do,” Young said.

The Environmental Protection Agency is hosting a public meeting in Galveston January 30th to educate residents on what is really going on.

“I strongly encourage folks to join this meeting whether they live in Galveston, or in city of Houston, this site really impacts all us,” said Young.