Houstonians congregate at Axelrad for Comey’s testimony

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HOUSTON - Comey's testimony was billed 'Washington’s Superbowl' and locals from all over came out to Axelrad in Houston to watch the Comey testimony and quench their thirst with delicious cocktails.

“People come here to be a part of the community and engage in ways that you don’t in a normal bar, said Jeff Kaplan, partner with Axelrad.

Now it does seem to be a gathering of very like-minded individuals…

“I would guess that most of them are more liberal, or very extremely libertarian, but just generally I don’t think there are many Trump fans here today,” said Janet Bering.

Bars across the country hosted watch parties for Comey’s big day on the hill, some even ready to host various drinking games like bingo or taking a shot when “this” or “that” happens.

“I don’t really think that’s quite the atmosphere Axelrad wants to provide for this, they want just kind of a spot that people can enjoy the news as its happening and not really make too much of a joke out of it, the cutely named drinks are definitely nice,” said Sky Goy.

Bad Hombre, the Impeachment, the Paid Protestor and the Frozen Covfefe are cocktails designed specifically for the morning's themed event.

Day drinking at 9 a.m on a workday?

“What people fail to realize there’s lots of different kinds of employment, some are more flexible than others. I didn’t have to take off of work, but I mean some people did, but our democracy is important. Coming together with people that care about our government and care about our country is a pretty powerful thing,” said Marla Grace.

Stuff like this should get this level of attention, nobody was going to be paying attention at work anyhow.

“I think this is a really important moment in history so it’s good to see that people are engaged, and paying attention,” said Bering.


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