How do tattoos leave our body?

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HOUSTON-- We all do things that we ultimately regret like getting an unwanted or poorly done tattoo.

But have you given any thought to how a tattoo is removed from your body?

"You're gonna pee and you're gonna poop it out at the end of the day," said Roland Peter, owner of Premium Tattoo Removal.

That's right! It's not only a waste of ink but it leaves through your body as waste. Lasers are used during tattoo removal to speed up the process and the light from the laser breaks up the pigment.

"We fire that laser with a billionth of a second, we hit that pigment, we create a thermal effect which breaks that pigment up into smaller particles," said Peter.

"Then the white blood cells, the macrophages, can then engulf the broken up ink and through the lymphatic system you basically drain that ink out."

Peter says that over time or "the fading process" can take 6-12 weeks.

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