How to save money on electricity costs as winter months approach


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HOUSTON (CW39)– We still have a bit of cooling down to do before most of us feel the need to kick on the heaters, but now is a good time to prep for the winter months so you can save a few bucks your electricity bill.

There are a few home improvement projects you can do to help keep your heating system from working harder than it needs to.

We spoke with Wayne Morrison at Reliant who suggests a Nest programable thermostat. He says that upgrade can reduce usage by up to 15%.

He also suggests walking around your home once it gets cool to see if any cold air is coming in around exterior doors and windows. The “paper test” is one way to check.

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“Especially for doors, one of the easiest things to do, we call it the paper test. Open the door, slide in a sheet of paper, close the door, it should have a little resistance, a little tug when you try to pull it. If not, if its very loose or falls, then that means there’s a leak there and that weatherization with that weather stripping can help seal that leak so we stay more comfortable,” explained Morrison.

He says keeping the warm air in around those outside doors and windows can save you up to 10% on total energy costs.

An annual heater checkup is always a good idea and making sure you have proper insulation is important too. Without proper insulation and weatherization, we can lose up to 40% of the heated or conditioned air.


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