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HOUSTON (CW39) Your second Easter during the pandemic is coming Sunday and even though COVID-19 is still here . . . you may be wondering just how MUCH it’s going to affect things this year.


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A new survey compared the differences in what people are planning this year and what they did last year. 

Here are your results . . . 

1.  55% of people will stay home to celebrate Easter this year, versus 68% last year.

2.  Americans are 23% more likely to celebrate with friends and family this year than last year.

3.  18% of people will go to church this year, versus 10% who went last year.

4.  And 7% went to a restaurant last year . . . 7% will go to a restaurant this year.

The survey also found 64% of people say the pandemic won’t affect how much money they’ll be spending on Easter this year.