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SCRANTON, Kans. — After being tipped off by her time piece, a Kansas woman is claiming her smart watch pointed out an alarming health problem and saved her life.

The watch alerted Heather Hendershot her heart was racing as she set at home watching television with her husband and two small children.

“It was over 120,” Hendershot said. “I couldn’t feel it going fast. I couldn’t feel it beating hard.”

All she felt was tired. So the mother decided to call it a night, thinking a good nights’ rest would solved the problem. When she woke up the next morning, the alarm started to go off again. Hendershot decided to visit her local urgent care.

“They did some lab work, gave me some IV fluid and then with the lab work they noticed my thyroid was out of wack,” she said.

Hendershot was rushed to the emergency room after being told by doctors she had a thyroid storm, a condition that raises your heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature to dangerous levels. If left untreated, a thyroid storm can be fatal.

“I had no idea that even existed,” she said.

“Come to find out, it could be a life threatening thing,” her husband said. “So, the watch kind of saved her life when you find that out.”

Eventhough she surely didn’t buy the smart watch for the heart monitoring features, Hendershot said she’s happy she had it.

“I will not take it off,” she said.

Her ticker is now working just fine…thanks to alerts from this ticker!