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SANTA CLAUS, Ind. – When it came time for a man in Santa Claus, Indiana to propose to his girlfriend, he made sure to include her younger sister.

Will Seaton, 25, and Ashley Schaus, 23, began dating in 2010 after they met at a car show.

Schaus has a 15-year-old sister named Hannah who has Down syndrome and diabetes. Schaus told Seaton that if they ever became engaged, he’d have to marry two girls because Hannah will most likely always be dependent on her.

Much to her surprise, that’s exactly what he did.

During an annual photoshoot near Schaus’ home, Seaton got down on one knee, and he asked Schaus to marry him. And then he got down on one knee for a second time, and he asked Hannah to be his “Best Friend Forever.”

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“I was very surprised. Will is wonderful, but he’s rather humble and so this gesture blew me away. She was so happy, and all I could think about was how special this was for her,” Schaus told FOX59.

Schaus said Hannah first started laughing, and then she cried happy tears and everyone began crying.

Schaus and Seaton have set October 7, 2017 as their wedding date, and Hannah will play a very special role in the ceremony. She is the “Best Sister,” more than a bridesmaid, but of course, not a bride.

Schaus told FOX59 that Will and Hannah will share best friend vows, and at the reception, they will dance to Harry Nilsson’s song “Best Friend.”