Indonesian couple publicly caned 83 times each for being gay

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BANDA ACEH, Indonesia — It is a public shaming story that is haunting many. After getting caught in bed together, two gay Indonesian men were publicly caned 83 times each.

It all happened after a group of vigilante neighbors came busting into one of the men's apartment. The intruders started taunting the couple, even filming them.

Aceh, the province in which the couple was caught, is the only one in Indonesia which still considers same-sex relations illegal.

The judge clearly wanted to make an example of the 20-year-old and 23-year-old men. They were each sentenced to two months in jail and a public beating.

Hundreds of people watched and filmed as the couple was brutally beat. The beating lasted four hours outside a local mosque.

This is the first time the province has carried out a public flogging for homosexuality; although it is not the first time homosexuals have been publicly shamed in Indonesia.

On Monday, a police raid in Jakarta, detained 141 men who were found participating in a gay sex party.

Police say up to ten of the men are facing charges.

Human rights activists are condemning the punishments. They are calling upon Indonesian government to defend and protect the LGBTQ community.

No matter where one stands on homosexuality, everyone can agree privacy is a basic human right.

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