Infamous ‘Pharma Bro’ gets banned from Twitter

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NEW YORK — Martin Shkreli, who's considered one of social media's most-hated trolls, just lost his Twitter account

The 'Pharma Bro' went a little bit too far this time, and he's been temporarily banned from both Twitter and Periscope for harassing the weekend editor of Teen Vogue magazine.

The trouble started when freelance journalist Lauren Duca received this cryptic post from Shkreli inviting her to the upcoming presidential inauguration.

Duca reportedly responded and said,"I would rather eat my own organs."

Then, Duca tweeted screenshots of this creepy collage of Photoshopped images of Duca that  Shkreli put on his profile page.

She took her case all the way to Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey asking, "How is this allowed?"

Turns out, it's not allowed. And Twitter was forced to pull the plug on the Pharma Bro.

The company reportedly said Shkreli's account violated Periscope's guidelines that prohibit dialogue or behavior that intends only to incite or engage in the targeted harassment of others.

Of course, Shkreli is no stranger to controversy since he infamously jacked up the price of a life-saving drug for HIV positive patients back in 2015 and got blasted for it.

Now it looks like the frustrated former drug exec will have to find another platform for his antics.

Look out, Facebook!


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