Is the fastest man on Earth the fastest man in space, too?

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FRANCE — The fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt, has shown time and time again he’s quite a fast finisher— like in a flash!

But how would the Jamaican Olympic Gold Medalist fare in a race in space?

Turns out, Mr. Bolt can really bolt in zero gravity, too!

After racing a couple of astronauts in an Airbus Zero-G plane above France, the Olympian emerged victorious up there as well.

Well, the space race was a bit of a publicity stunt for new G.H. Mumm champagne.

Before the race, Bolt had a bit of bubbly with French astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy and designer Octave de Gaulle.

But the bubbles didn’t slow down Bolt one bit!

It wasn’t even a contest really.

Afterward, Bolt called the whole event mind-blowing and fun.

And the astronauts took home a bottle of bubbly they can open in space.

Now that’s an out-of-this-world toast!

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