Is there trouble in paradise for Bradley Cooper and girlfriend Irina Shayk?

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LONDON, ENGLAND – Sexy actor Bradley Cooper and current squeeze, Irina Shayk, had a moment during the men’s Wimbledon tennis final that went viral. But, should celebs always assume they’ll get caught on camera?

We’re not talking PDA. It looks more like a lover’s spat.

No telling what was up between ’em, but Shayk was in tears and Cooper gives her a side look as if to say, “Really? Right now?”

Hey, maybe she was annoyed because his ex, Suki Waterhouse, was in the stands.  Or, did she want to leave before the match was over? Maybe, just maybe, Cooper’s mom was involved.

According to talk show gossip queen, Wendy Williams, “His mom Gloria is still meddling in his adult life.  If she doesn’t like somebody then all of a sudden, they break up.”

Hey, a lot of guys have trouble cutting the cord; even when a sexy super model is in the picture.

Somebody says pollen is to blame for Irina’s tears.  An allergic reaction? Come on! That’s about as likely as Serena Williams double-faulting match point!



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