Is Tony Romo headed for Houston Texans?

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DALLAS — One of the biggest stories in the NFL last season was the rise of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. Of course, folks in Houston don’t care about the Cowboys— or do we? That team from Dallas is committed to Prescott as their starter, which means Tony Romo’s future is up in the air, and some say he’s headed to Houston.

Sure Texans fans aren’t exactly happy with Brock Osweiler, but are we really gonna recruit a Cowboy?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t sure what to do with Romo, who is halfway through a six-year $108 million contract. Jones recently said, “I don’t know how, ultimately we will resolve this. You just have to see how the cards are played.”

Romo missed at least one game due to injury the last four seasons, and the Texans need a quaterback who can take a hit.

Speaking of hits, New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis took a few during a fight in Pittsburgh. He’s charged with aggravated assault and felony robbery, but his lawyer says he is the one who got jumped.

“He was not the aggressor that night,” the lawyer said. “He was a thousand percent the victim.”

Police said a young man recognized Revis and started following him and recording on his phone. The police report said Revis asked the man to stop, then Revis took the man’s phone and tried to delete the video before throwing it in the road.

Witnesses said a fight broke out with Revis and a buddy knocking the two other men unconscious. Revis’ lawyer reiterated, “If any punches were thrown, they were thrown in self defense.”

The men were reportedly unconscious for 10 minutes.

That could be the best defense Revis has played all year!

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