Study: Japan is full of 40-year-old virgins

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TOKYO —  Most of us get a big ol’ chuckle when we watch The 40 Year Old Virgin, but many Japanese men aren’t laughing.

More than 40 percent of Japan’s adult singles are virgins, according to a government study.

Sex-less lifestyles are blamed on everything from a stagnant economy including Japanese Manga fans favoring fantasy over reality. Just look at Tokyo’s famous red-light district!

“In Japanese society, we have so much entertainment,”  Shingo Sakatsume said. “Why do we need to choose love or sex?”

Nude art classes are the closest many middle-aged men have ever been to an actual naked woman. The classes try to help people feel more comfortable with their sexuality, and there’s even a textbook specifically for virgins.

The apparent disconnect is leading to fewer relationships, record-low birth rates, and a shrinking population. Some people think if Japanese men get their mojos back, the country’s other setbacks will be solved too.

Talk about putting your problems to bed.



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