KILLEEN, Texas – No job, no problem. Killeen ISD is making it their mission to assist workers displaced by the sudden closure of Central Freight Lines.

The school district says they have never recruited at this magnitude before, and they knew they had to step in to assist during this difficult time.

With over 2,000 people laid off by the nearly 100 year old company, Killeen ISD doesn’t want them to be unemployed for long.

KISD spokesperson Taina Maya says the district has over 200 positions looking to be filled immediately.

“There are positions available within our district and if this gesture doesn’t communicate that then we want them to hear it loud and clear,” Maya said. “We have plenty of jobs available for our community to come work in our district.”

The school district is looking to fill a variety of positions such as Teachers Aids, CDL drivers, mechanics, and dispatchers.

Some positions starting at $17.00 per hour with an option to earn a $4,500 bonus.

“We really looked at the Central Freight Line employee base were we are specializing in CDL drivers, so that’s why we’ve asked them to come join us tomorrow at 10 A.M. so we can give [them] information about what it takes to drive a school bus or even service those buses.”

Maya says they are working to condense the onboarding process to a few days, which will take away the lapse in employment and pay.

“So that January 4th they are starting off with a job within KISD,” Maya said. “That’s something we are really looking to push forward quickly.”

The Waco Chamber of Commerce is also assisting with job placement for more visit the Waco jobs website.