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Cyberspace – Ladies, are you trying to catch a man?

Maybe you just need to use the right bait…er, ‘bra.’ …Like the latest selfie craze to rock social media– the Fish Bra!

Yeah, for some reason lady anglers are posing topless with nothing but their latest catch to cover their chests, and these “fish bras” are creating quite a ‘fish fry’ online.

….The hashtag #fishbra is turning up these female fishing ladies who seem to enjoy showing off the Catch of the Day!

There are perch bras….and pike bras….and trout bras.

There’s a large mouth bass bra, and an even larger mouth bass bra.

There are underwater fish bras, too….and even a shark bra!

Of course, there’s a red snapper bra, too.

Hey, there’s even a tuna-bra.

Who needs Victoria’s Secret when there’s so many fish in the sea!

Of course, who knows what the next hot bra trend will be?

Starfish bras?

Ay, that’s been done.

But….you better watch out for fruit bras! …those pineapples can’t be too comfy!