Lawsuit: KFC manager had sex with teen employee at multiple spots, including restaurant dumpster

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HOUSTON —Another national fast-food chain is being sued after one of its managers is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage employee. A lawsuit has been filed against KFC Corporation and a 35-year-old general manager who allegedly had sex multiple times with a 16-year-old girl.

Sean McIntosh is accused of having sex with the teen more than 50 times at the store and several off-site locations, according to the Hall Law Firm in Houston. It’s the same law firm that obtained a multi-million dollar award against Chipotle for an identical charge.

According to the lawsuit, McIntosh had sexual intercourse and performed other explicit acts with the teen at a hotel, inside cars, beside a KFC restaurant dumpster and other public places.

The suit also alleges that other KFC managers at the store were similarly engaging in sex with other underage female employees, and entered into a pact to cover up for one another.

The firm said a temporary restraining order has been issued against McIntosh, who is expected to appear in court Dec. 9.

Benjamin Hall III is lead counsel for the plaintiff.

“The conduct at KFC is in many ways more reprehensible than the disgusting conduct unearthed at Chipotle. There appears to have been no reluctance at all or shame among the KFC managers to victimize these children,” he said.

Hall said all sex acts involving the manager and the teen were unprotected, with the manager refusing to wear a condom. The firm is seeking $10 million in actual damages, and an unspecified amount in punitive damages, on behalf of the alleged victim. Hall wants to send a strong message to those involved.

“He just didn’t care whether my client got pregnant or contracted a sexually transmitted disease,” Hall said.”I hope these suits convince companies like KFC and Chipotle that they have to do a better job protecting children from their sexual predators. Children are not sex toys for the enjoyment of KFC managers.”

The lawsuit claims McIntosh invaded the teen’s privacy by “‘bumping’ into her butt, ‘squeezing’ by her body in such a manner as to have his groin rub up against the body of this minor, taking photos of plaintiff’s body without her knowledge, ‘trapping’ her in small spaces on the premises and eventually groping and feeling on her breasts, butt and other body parts.”

The lawsuit further claims that the teen was forced to “lose all control of her private life and created the warped worldview that her entire existence was only to service the sexual appetites of an indulgent adult male.”

According to the lawsuit, McIntosh did not hide his sexual objectification and predation on women.

The lawsuit notes that McIntosh often posted public comments on his social media sites showing his insatiable sexual practices, and his reckless sexual practices should have been well-known by the property and business owners just from his postings, some of which the lawsuit documents as follows:

  • December 8, 2012: “I hate it when people rub things in my face…unless it’s
  • January 6, 2014: “I came here to flip cars and get [expletive]….AND I’M ALL OUT
    OF CARS.”
  • September 22, 2013: “True love is, when he holds your hair back while you’re
    giving him a b***job.”
  • November 27, 2012: “Never look down on someone unless they are giving you
    [expletive] or [graphic] you out.”
  • November 9, 2012: “(WOMAN SAYS) My gynecologist says I can’t have sex
    for 2 weeks….”(MAN SAYS): What did your dentist say?”
  • October 14, 2012: “I’ll slap that [expletive] ’til it’s Fifty Shades of RED”
  • October 20, 2012: (With picture of a female stripper on stripper pole) “I

Documents state in addition to posting derogatory comments about women, McIntosh was callous enough to post an actual video of a scantily clad woman showing her near naked derriere in the camera. This 1:20-minute-long-video was posted for everyone to see.

Court records show that the victim has filed criminal charges against McIntosh for the sexual assaults. A judge has also issued a temporary restraining order against McIntosh and set a temporary injunction hearing date of December 9 in the 113th Judicial District Court.


Former Chipotle teen employee awarded $7.65 million in sexual harassment lawsuit


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