Local coffee shops celebrate ‘Gilmore Girls’ 16th anniversary by re-branding themselves ‘Luke’s’

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HOUSTON — Three restaurants in Houston suddenly re-branded themselves “Luke’s” Wednesday. Why? To celebrate the 16th anniversary of the first episode of “Gilmore Girls.” Luke’s was the name of the coffee shop on the long-running series.

“I saw it on Facebook through the Gilmore Girls page,” said Laura DeAngelico, outside the temporarily renamed Bosta Kitchen in the Museum District. “It was very busy. We had to wait an hour in line.”

What were they waiting for? One of the 250 cups of free coffee handed out with quotes from the TV series. Things like, “You like coffee? Only with my oxygen,” (Lorelai in Season 1, Episode 5).

“Gilmore Girls” debuted October 5th, 2000, on the WB and was cancelled in 2007. But fans have been clamoring for a reunion, so Netflix is reviving it with four 90-minute movies. To celebrate, they did this coffee shop switcheroo at 200 spots across the country.

Houstonian Akika Munsil showed up at Luke’s (Bosta) for the very first time, while her mom did the same thing in Dalls where she lives. “What I loved about the show was the mother/daughter dynamic,” Munsil said, “It just kinda hit home with my mother and I.”

Aly Carberry also made a special trip to the pop-up Luke’s for this occasion because she had a special affinity for the show, “I was doing the Rory Gilmore reading challenge for a while, reading all the books that she read in the show.”

The show seems to have struck a chord in women in their 20s. It sure did for Bosta Kitchen’s general manager Carmen Sartori, who jumped at the chance to turn her cafe into Luke’s for the day when Netflix called. “In college,” she said, “when (Rory) dropped out for a little bit. And she was like, ‘I don’t know what to do with my life now.’ Been there. Done that.”
“I watched it with my mom,” says 20-something Rita Watson, “so that was always really fun. I mean, it’s a mother daughter show and I watched it with my mother, so I like that a lot.”

Mom Jenny Belk got into the show recently, “This summer, we binged on the whole show, my 18-year-old, my 15-year-old and ,I and now we’re diehards.”
Rice University student Antonia Brown weighed in on Rory Gilmore’s ongoing pull between guys. “I’m Team Logan, but I want her to get a new guy. Like a ‘Team New Person.'”

Her friend Brianna Garcia disagreed, “I’m committed to Jess.”

“It is a sore spot,” Brown laughed.

The new ‘Gilmore Girls’ movies come to Netflix November 25th. “It’s pretty awesome,” Watson said. “It’s like ‘Arrested Development’ all over again, but hopefully better.

We’ll raise a coffee mug to that!



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