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FOWLERVILLE, Mich. – A suspected drunk driver’s dangerous rampage is caught on camera in Michigan.

It all started around 2 a.m. Saturday when Brian Cremeans, 25, pulled into a Fowlerville gas station and passed out with his car still running. Some other customers saw what was happening and called for help. By the time fire and emergency crews arrived at the gas station, an employee was able to wake Cremeans up, but that only made him angry. Cremeans gunned it backwards into a firefighter and a paramedic, before peeling out of the gas station parking lot, narrowly avoiding other vehicles on the way.

Livingston County Sheriff’s deputies caught up to Cremeans a short time later, leading to a chase through the streets of Fowlerville.

Eventually a deputy attempted a PIT maneuver with his car, but Cremeans was able to keep control of his car and give the middle finger to authorities as he kept going. However, a short time later, he ran over stop sticks, which flattened both driver side tires on his car. A second PIT maneuver ended the chase, but Cremeans stayed defiant, flipping off deputies as they took him into custody.

Cremeans now faces charges of operating while intoxicated, felonious assault with a vehicle, fleeing, eluding and resisting arrest.