‘Wolf of 6th Street’: Howard University student accused of stealing $429K to gain social media success defends self

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WASHINGTON— A financial aid scandal at Howard University has left six university employees fired after an outside auditor alerted trustees that employees were receiving grants from the school to attend classes while also receiving tuition remission, and one of them is speaking out after being ousted by faculty and staff.

The employees were taking in more money than their education cost and pocketing the difference, reported CNN. 

The employees who were implicated in the investigation were fired for “gross misconduct and neglect of duties,” the statement adds.

Law student Tyrone Hankerson Jr. has become the face of the scandal and has been dubbed by students as “The Wolf of 6th street.”  Hankerson is accused of using his work-study position in the financial aid office to attain a bachelors degree and graduates degree without any debt. Hankerson allegedly stole $429,000 in student aid and used it towards fancy mink coats, designer bags, personal videographer, and media team to help him achieve stardom on social media.

At the height of his social media stardom, Hankerson had over 400,000 Instagram followers.



Roland Martin interviewed Hankerson who said he is completely innocent and plans to sue the University for releasing his financial aid information without his permission.


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