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BERKELEY, Calif. — One California 14-year-old is counting her lucky stars. After surviving a pretty terrifying incident, she has the best excuse ever for not turning in her homework!

Eighth grader Kassiopeia O’Melay is the victim of a hit and roll.  She was riding her bike home from school Friday when a car got way too close for comfort.

“The front passenger window rolled down, an arm reached out picked up my backpack, and the car hit my bike and drove off really quickly,” O’Melay said.

Her bike was totaled and her backpack was stolen. It was filled with school supplies, an iPod and Epipens for her bee allergy.

“Nothing of real value at all, just stuff that was really important to me,” she said.

Neighbors rushed out to help and called police, but authorities are still looking for at least two suspects.

Prior to this school year, Kassiopeia had been home-schooled. You can imagine her parents shock when they got a call from the Berkeley cops.

“My wife gets this special look on her face when she’s terrified,” father Karl O’Melay said. “I was there and it was like time stopped until he said she is okay.”

The community has truly stepped up by donating new school supplies in time for the second week of class.

“People have been really supportive. I got all my stuff replaced so quickly and it’s amazing,” she said.

Her dad points out, this entire experience has given her a chance to see first-hand society at its worst and best in just a matter of hours.  Not a bad lesson he’s peddling.  But let’s face it, middle school is tough enough without getting mugged on your way home.

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