Mom claims IHOP discriminated against her son who was born without arms

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HOT SPRINGS, Arkansas - One 3-year-old Arkansas boy enjoys eating snacks just like most kids his age, the only difference is the way he eats 'em.  You see, little William Ragsdale was born without arms, but that doesn't stop him from feeding himself.  He's quite proficient using his feet!

William eats the same way at restaurants and recently had a craving, but breakfast pancakes at a Hot Springs IHOP fell flat when William never got any.  According to his mom, Alexis Bancroft, he was served a short stack of discrimination, instead.

She said the general manager told her sitting on the table and touching the syrup bottles with his feet was a health department no-no.

"When we got there, I carried him in, took him to the bathroom, and washed his feet so he could eat," said Bancroft. "I asked her 'do you ask all of your customers if they washed their hands before they touch them.'"

Bancroft said the manager apologized, but the damage was already done.

"Other people may think it's not a big deal, but that is my child and I'm his advocate and you're not going to treat my kid like that," she said.

She posted her flap-jack flap on Facebook, which went viral. It also prompted messages from other servers expressing shame and shock over the treatment William received.

According to an official statement from IHOP's corporate president, the owner of the Hot Springs franchise is working with the family to resolve the issue.  He will also retrain his staff to better serve guests with disabilities.

No doubt, IHOP is hoping to prevent a pancake protest.

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