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Hartford, CT — Over the course of a Saturday afternoon, more Connecticut political figures are urging for Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty’s resignation following the backlash of her failure to remove her chief of staff.

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty has come under fire after it was revealed that her former Chief of Staff, Tony Baker allegedly became physical and harassed a member of her staff, Anna Kain.

Congresswoman Esty issued an apology, and Baker was eventually fired.

Connecticut State Senate President Marin M. Looney issued a statement on Saturday afternoon on his stance on the allegations.

“Congresswoman Esty has long been a conscientious leader in the fight against harassment and abuse in the workplace. However, I agree with Senator Flexer that if the facts of this matter involving former staff of the congresswoman’s office are as they are alleged to be in recent news articles then Congresswoman Esty should do the right thing and resign.”

Senate President Looney followed that statement with remarks on the current political climate regarding sexual harassment and assault.

Former Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz said she spoke with Congresswoman Esty on Friday and given most of the details are undisputed, said it must be addressed now.

“I know Congresswoman Esty to be a woman of action rather than words, and in this case, words are not enough,” said the Gubernatorial candidate, Bysiewicz. “I believe that under the circumstances, Congresswoman Esty must step down from her position.”

Former U.S. Prosecutor and Candidate for Attorney General Chris Mattei said Congresswoman Esty must resign.

“Congresswoman Esty knew of the threats and continued to employ the abuser. When she subsequently became aware of the full scope of abuse, including the assault, she concealed it and recommended the abuser for another position of authority.”

On Friday, Esty said in a statement that she would not resign, saying she looks forward to strengthening workplace protections.

On Saturday, Congresswoman Esty issued a statement on the calls for resignation.

“For those who have asked, I want to be clear that I am not resigning, that I have important work to do in Congress including building on the lessons of this horrible series of events. My agenda going forward will include relentlessly pursuing specific actions to foster a better working environment on Capitol Hill, building on the work that has already been done to ensure safe environments for staff, looking to the best practices that have been developed in the private sector, and taking the next steps to further strengthen workplace protections and provide employees with a safe platform to raise concerns.”

In Cheshire, her constituents told Channel 3 that if the Congresswoman is wrong, she ought to be held accountable.

“There should be an investigation,” said Cheshire resident, Edward Vitkauskas. “Further investigation and if she was negligent then i think she should resign.”

But, on Saturday, not everyone has been vocal. Channel 3 is awaiting responses from Governor Malloy, Senator Chris Murphy, and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. A repeated ask for comment was placed by Channel 3 to Senator Richard Blumenthal, who spoke with Channel 3 on Friday, but an answer was not granted on Saturday, following Congresswoman’s latest statement.