More people delaying marriage because of increased availability of sex, marriage counselors say

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It's no secret that more people are taking their sweet time tying the knot these days.

According to the US Census Bureau, as recently as the year 2000-- married 25-to-34-year-olds outnumbered their never-married peers by a margin of 55% to 34%. Fast forward 15 years later to 2015, and those estimates almost completely reversed-- with never-marrieds outnumbering marrieds 53% to 40%.

"I want kids, I want to get married in the future but I'm not in any rush right now. I have things that I want to do and accomplish before that happens and when the time is right, I'll be ready," 24-year-old Sana Vawda said.

From a cultural change, to financial stability, to birth control, to online porn-- experts will cite every reason under the sun for why people are delaying marriage.

In his new book, Dr. Mark Regnerus, an associate professor with the University of Texas at Austin, argues it all boils down to the increased accessibility of sex-- for men.

He goes on to say that women expect little in return for sex nowadays-- a.k.a no commitment necessary!

But local marriage counselor Dr. Viviana Coles said it's the sexual freedom for both men and women that's causing the shift.

"With online dating apps, you're going to have access to meeting all sorts of potential partners and most people aren't willing to date just one or two or three or even four people. They want to date 10, 20, 30 before they get married," Dr. Coles said.

"There also isn't this cultural pressure to have everything that you want in life, only happen after you get married. People can have sex before marriage now, they can buy a house before marriage. They can do all of these things as individuals and not having to wait as a couple," Dr. Coles continued.

Perhaps it's true that men still want to hang on to their bachelor lifestyles as long as possible, before they're tied down forever. But ironically, Dr. Coles said the men that report being the most sexually fulfilled, are the ones in committed relationships!

"People who want to get married have a different set of criteria for people who want to sleep together, so they tend to spend more time making that decision and making sure it's the right person," Dr. Coles said.

"Most people find that their most satisfying sexual experiences are in long-term, committed relationships because of the intimacy that's there, the emotional and physical bonding is something that really adds to the experience. It feels good, it feels welcomed and reciprocated, and that's a joy that comes in an intimate relationship that you're not going to find with every new relationship you're in," Dr. Coles said.

Even though the median age for marriage is now pushing 30, there's one number that's remained constant through the years.

"The divorce rate stays steady between 50-55% that really hasn't changed that much," Dr. Coles said.

Looks like no matter how hard you try, some things never change.





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