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MYSTERY WIRE – The world’s best known “secret” base – Area 51 – has been immortalized in books, movies, and TV news reports for its role developing spectacular military technology. What’s not as well known is that Area 51 has a sister facility – Area 52 – which is home to its own dark secrets.

Over the decades, the sprawling facility in the Nevada desert has been bombed, blasted, poisoned, and nuked for the benefit of national security programs and secret technology.

People who live near the base in and around Tonopah have been seeing secret planes fly over their heads for decades, but they tend to keep the sightings to themselves.

Nearby Area 52 in the town of Tonopah, residents like Jose Ramirez would see dozens of contrails from the base every day, most likely the transport planes carrying employees from a private terminal in Las Vegas. These flights are now known as the JANET flights.

In a 2007 interview Ramirez said, “When I first got here, they were talking about they were working on an airplane that would go up into space and come back down and land for NASA.”

Ramirez said he also had a couple family members employed at Area 52, and he knows to not ask them about what they do out there.

Unlike the better-known Area 51 facility, Area 52 does appear on maps. It is usually listed as the Tonopah Test Range, or TTR, but military watchdogs say it also goes by its other name, “TTR is really referred to in official documents as Area 52,” according to Rachel, NV resident and operator of Joerg Arnu. “On several occasions, actual black projects moved from Area 51 to Tonopah Test Range, Area 51 of course being a super-secret facility. Tonopah Test Range being slightly less secret.”