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Mystery Wire

MYSTERY WIRE – The Pentagon has yet to confirm the legitimacy of a newly-released UFO video recorded by the U.S. Navy during a bizarre wave of sightings off the Pacific coast. 

The video shows unknown objects hovering above the U.S.S. Omaha in July 2019, and the footage is only part of the evidence collected by the Department of Defense.

The video of at least two objects is sometimes shaky, recorded on a hand held camera, at night from the deck of a warship as it sliced through the Pacific Ocean 100 miles off-shore.

By itself, the video is far from conclusive. But the odd, unidentified lights that positioned themselves above and around the U.S.S. Omaha in July 2019 represents one of the best documented UFO cases ever.

More than six minutes of this night sky video was recorded by the Omaha’s VIPR team, an on-board intelligence unit tasked with visually documenting significant events.