Neighbors rescue woman’s dog caught in animal trap during freezing ice storm

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ARNOLD, Mo. — Sometimes it takes a miracle to save a family member, even the furry kind with four legs.

Cindy Bess said a miracle was delivered out of an ice storm when her lovable little schnauzer-mix named Dillon got past her invisible fence and into some dangerous woods!

"It was a miserable night," Bess said. "So I knew it wasn't a good night for anybody to be out."

And as the temperatures dropped, there was no sign of Dillon.

Desperate pleas were sent out to the neighborhood.

"They're out there with flashlights, driving around, looking for him," Bess said. "I had a lot of help. "

The next day led to a frantic search against time since a giant ice storm had hit the community. One neighbor went deep into the woods hunting for the poor pooch.

"And then I wasn't even looking his direction, but I just saw his head faintly move, and I said, 'Oh, my God. I think I see a dog,'" neighbor Drew said.

"She goes, 'Oh, my God, Cindy, it's Dillon!'" Bess said.

Drew said that's when she noticed Dillon's foot was caught in a trap.

"That was painful to see and to see that it was chained to a tree. He had no way out," Julie said.

The poor dog was sitting, covered in ice, Bess said.


Thanks to friends and neighbors, Dillon is now back home and alive.

"You hear so many stories about ugly things happening in this world," Bess said. "But when you can get people to pull together— they don't know anything about anybody's; who you vote for, what your religion is. I don't care about any of that. But they stopped to help, and I'm eternally grateful for it."



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