New cannabis user dating app is being called ‘Tinder for tokers’

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LOS ANGELES — Just call it love at first toke!

“Hey, my name is Chloe. Hi, my name’s Dakota,” a couple enthusiastically introduces themselves in an online video. “We met on ‘High There!’ And we’re currently engaged.”

Yeah, forget about Tinder. Here’s a dating app that really knows how to weed out the stoners, so you can date ’em. Some say it’s ‘Tinder for tokers!,’ but this app has it’s own catchy name: “High There!”

“Traditionally, cannabis had that stoner mentality, but, oh gosh, has it changed,” ‘High There’ CEO/co-founder Darren Roberts declared.

“Cannabis consumer has changed drastically,” Roberts insisted. “They’re doctors, lawyers, Wall Street individuals, entrepreneurs…”

The app is pretty simple. Everybody on there is a fan of marijuana, so if you like what you see, just click on “High There!” but if you don’t, just click “Bye, There.”

There’s even different categories for pot preferences such as vaporizing, eating, or of course….toking!

“We live in California, so a lot of people do like to smoke, but it’s good to surround yourself with like-minded people,” one fan of the new app said.

“And when you do smoke, you kinda do enjoy more time together,” another fan added.

“People are getting married, and people are moving in together, and they’re turning to medical cannabis to really increase the well-being of their lives,” Roberts suggested.

“You can find love on apps,” Dakota laughed.

Happy smoking….er, dating, ya’ll!


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