New photographs of Area 51, Papoose Lake show incredible detail


Area 51. Photos by Gabe Zeifman

MYSTERY WIRE As Gabe Zeifman flew his small Cessna over southern Nevada Christmas day he enjoyed the blue skies and wispy clouds floating by. But outside his windows on the ground the real show of the day was presenting itself.

Private pilot and amateur photographer Gabe Zeifman was back in the air flying his plane past the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), past Papoose Dry Lake, and past Groom Lake which is home to Area 51.

Area 51 at Groom Lake, NV (Photo: Gabe Zeifman)

This time, Zeifman had higher quality photography gear on board and captured almost a thousand clear photographs of the area and the secretive base.

The image below is a composite of 25 photographs of Groom Lake and Area 51 looking north.

Click here to download a large .jpg of the image above

The image below is a composite of 32 photographs of Groom Lake and Area 51 looking west.

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One of the large hangars south of the main complex appears to have open doors. It is hard to determine what, if anything is inside due to the distance from Zeifman’s plane.

Similar to two previous flights, Zeifman was not breaking any laws. He is a trained air traffic controller (ATC) and had permission to fly through this restricted government airspace. In the YouTube video he posted of his flight you can hear him getting clearance to fly this route.

Zeifman also flew past Papoose Lake, which is southwest of Groom Lake. This is the area long-rumored to being home of the secret UFO base where Bob Lazar says he worked.

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