New pistol disguised as a smartphone aiming to go on the market

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DAYTON, Ohio - The 'the cellphone pistol' will be coming to a store near you.

The gun's creator spent a year designing it and said it's safe for the public.

"I just decided there's probably gotta be a better way to carry and I was just looking around and noticed everyone had a smartphone, so why not make a pistol that would look like that?" designer Kirk Kjellberg, CEO of Ideal Conceal, said.

But not everybody wants to make a call with one of these babies.

"I can't speak for all others, but I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole," former police officer Jeff Pedro. "Overall, my professional opinion is it's just a bad idea from a safety perspective and also from an access perspective the inability to get it out, get it functional in a rapid situation would be extremely difficult."

Then, there's also the possibility bad guys could try to smuggle one onto a plane or use them against the cops.

"If the gun were to be released, police officers would be alerted to it and they'd pretty much be checking any cell phone that resembled the size and shape of that particular device," Pedro said.

The weapon has already been approved by the Feds at the ATF.

"You press the safety and the handle will deploy," Kjellberg said. "As long as the pistol has a rifle barrel and can not be fired in closed position, it is a pistol."

So, will we see the cellphone pistol on the streets soon?

Well, it's due on the market by the end of the summer.

After that you may want to screen your calls a little more closely.

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