New project seeks to put an end to bullying


KILLEEN, Texas – Killeen Council Member At-Large Mellisa Brown announced her and other organizations are working on a project to put a stop to bullying.

“As a community leader, as a representative, my concern is they should never have gotten to this point. We should be able to have ways to reach out to you, to let them know that this is not okay, and intervene,” Brown says.

Being on the Council Board, Brown says it’s her duty to protect the community.

“I got a call from my daughter’s principal letting me know that she had turned in a report. She’d been bullied by the same child three days in a row,” says Brown.

In response to this incident, she and other organizations came together to share how they can improve.

“What I see in the community is, especially with kids, is there’s nothing for them to do,” says Jah Nice, mentor to young men.

Brown says the goal for the Town Hall meeting was to connect other members to organizations which already exist, and are currently working in the community to better the lives of families.

“I don’t expect the school to do everything. They’re not there all the time, and they’re not my child’s parent. I expect them to keep my daughter safe when she does. But I also know that this spills out into the community,” says Brown.

Killeen ISD encourages parents to communicate with campuses. They can report any instance of bullying or concern to the campus leadership team at

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